What is Coffee Art


Welcome coffeebrandslist readers and followers.  Today we will attempt to educate you on exactly what is coffee art ?

Just before we get into more detail about this topic.  I just wanted to mention how much fun we had, researching all about this booming trend in the coffee world.  Let’s Get into it.


In very simple terms coffee art or gourmet coffee art as it can sometimes be referred to, simply means combining 1 or 2 shot espresso with steamed milk.  Of course there is a lot more to it than that as is explained below.

More and more coffee shop owners big and small, are trying to add more personal touches and skills to their coffee drinks to add a more professional and enjoyable, almost unique experience, to indulging in your coffees.

It takes a lot of practising by coffee shop Barista’s to perfect these techniques in order to bring you, your unique coffee experience.  When Baristas add a touch of flair and coffee arts to your drinks, it makes the whole experience from start to finish that much more enjoyable in our opinion.

While I expected Baristas having to do some kind of special training in order to learn the coffee arts, our research found that you don’t really need to.  You can recreate these works of art on your own, with the right coffee equipment, good espresso coffee and practice.  

I’m sure there are many official courses you could go on, but as this isn’t really necessary we decided to leave that bit out, in order to concentrate on providing you, with some tips and demonstrations to learn the skills of coffee art yourselves.


Basic Steps to practice:

By now, you should have a better understanding of what is coffee art – Now we need to know how to learn coffee art and practice.

Whenever you are trying to learn any new skill no matter what it might be, there are always some basic, kind of baby steps to try first, then you expand from there.  From the research that we did hear at coffeebrandslist, we also found this to be true.  The first Basic steps of how to learn coffee art:


  • The Heart



  • The Rosetta



  • The Tulip


In order to help you learn and understand these 3 starter coffee art designs we decided, out of all of our research, that a Barista from thirdrailcoffee in New York City provided the best tips.


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Just before we get into the 3 designs, one of the favourite drinks we love here at coffeebrandslist is the cappuccino – so we decided to showcase this first as we love it, and in case some of our readers and followers were not sure what a cappuccino consists of.


The Cappuccino


Now we move onto those 3 basic starter coffee art designs I mentioned just a moment ago


Coffee art design number 1 –  The Heart

coffee art heart



Coffee art design number 2 -The Rosetta

coffee art rosetta





Coffee art design number 3 – The Tulip

coffee art tulip


I really hope you have got some great content and enjoyment out of reading all about this post about coffee art here on coffeebrandslist.com.  As I mentioned earlier in the post, it was so much fun to research more details about this rising trend.

I would love to hear from you if you have tried these designs, or if you will give it a try.  So please do get involved using the comment section below.  It would be great to hear your thoughts and experiences


Thanks for stopping by the site and getting involved



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