Coffee Benefits Health – Does it ?

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Today we are going to look further into the idea that coffee benefits health.

Is there any truth to it ?

Have there been studies carried out to confirm or deny ?

Without further a do, let’s dig into whether or not coffee benefits health.


Is there any truth to coffee benefiting your health ?

If you had asked this question say 5-10 years ago, maybe the response would be different to the way things are in the coffee world as of now. Many years ago, and without much research, it would of been hard to say whether drinking coffee would benefit your health.

Luckily for us and fast forwarding a few years to the present day we know that not only has coffee consumption increased dramatically, but so has the research into the health benefits of drinking coffee.

Therefore, based on what we have already seen here at coffeebrandslist and the continued researching and studying we carry out, it is safe for us to say that there is enough evidence around to support, that drinking coffee benefits health. Let’s learn more below.


coffee benefits health



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Have there been studies carried out to confirm or deny that coffee benefits health ?

As a direct result from new, next level research into the idea of drinking coffee, more and more doctors are now jumping on the bandwagon in support of drinking coffee for health benefits.

One of those doctors in support of the idea, is a Naturopathic doctor from Boston called Keri Layton.

Keri believes “If patients need a little boost, or struggling to get going then drinking coffee is a great choice” for the right individual.

Keri also believes that “The right dose of a really good quality organic coffee, could result in healthy benefits.”

Please bear in mind the words “right dose”“quality” and “right person” are the key factors to ensuring that coffee benefits health.



Looking at drinking coffee from a scientific perspective.  There have been many studies carried out by scientists all over the globe, that have come to pretty much the same conclusions.

Drinking coffee, whether it be black instant, fresh ground or organic can in fact help your body.

caffeine filled with antioxidant

caffeine filled with antioxidant

The more research that was done into Caffeine in coffee, the more we are able to know about caffeine and coffee benefits. You see, caffeine is loaded with antioxidants that the body uses to neutralise threats from illnesses.

As long as you are pretty much a healthy individual, with no underlying illnesses already, regular strict coffee consumption per day, has been shown to:-

  • Increase concentration levels while studying or performing tasks
  • Can also be used to increase socialising circles for people.


From this article you can see, that there does appear to be a clear message flowing through, that drinking coffee does have benefits to your health. It is still very important that you understand, there are risks to people that are more sensitive, or in fact, drink too much caffeine.

  • If you suffer from heart problems, depression or agitation, it is also best to stay clear of coffee.
  • If you are pregnant it is advised that you stay clear of caffeine during pregnancy.
  • Young children with attention deficit orders are also prone to bad reactions from caffeine that you find in coffee.
  • Finally, if you already suffer with Diabetes, Alzheimer’s or in some cases Asthma. Caffeine in coffee will most likely not provide you with any health benefits.


To summarise whether or not coffee benefits health ?

It’s pretty clear, that there are many good health benefits to drinking good quality coffee, in moderation, for healthy individuals.

Make sure you don’t over do it when drinking coffee, as having too much caffeine not only can be bad for you, but can also make you dependant on it like an addiction to a drug.

When drinking good quality coffee in the right moderation’s for yourself, you can in fact, stave off increasing illnesses such as, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and Diabetes

Remember, that caffeine is full of antioxidants which are crucial components the body uses to fight off these degenerative diseases.

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