Black Coffee Benefits – are there any?

black coffee benefits

Black Coffee Benefits – Is there any ?

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Today we are looking at Why you should drink coffee black?

black coffee benefits

Most of us here at coffee brands list have always been black coffee drinkers and never really thought about the differences or benefits until we came across some research today.

The University of Illinois recently carried out a study analyzing 19,400 American coffee drinkers.  Of this 19,400 the university found that a staggering 68% of them drank their coffee regular rather than black.

This means, well over half of them were adding in calorie extras, mainly in the form of sugar, milk or cream to their cups of coffee.  What is alarming from this research is that an extremely high percentage thought to be around 60% were adding sugar.

You may know already that, excess sugar in the body can lead to problems for the heart, waistline or even lifespan.  We are constantly reminded by many dietary guideline organisations that we need to limit things like excess sugar intake.  When you see research like this coming out and consider how much coffee people drink in a day, it’s easy to come to the conclusion that: –

If you are not drinking your coffee black, now is a great time to change that.


Here at coffee brands list, we have covered a variety of health benefits to drinking coffee and now the message seems very clear.  If you are going to be a coffee drinker it is most certainly better to change the way you take it.

Adapt yourself, so that you can take your coffee (or even tea for that matter) without the add-ins of sugar, milk or cream.  Without the added extras, you are giving your body cups that are very high in anti-oxidants, which is important for our bodies, as this helps to protect us against things like, Cancer, Alzheimer’s and heart-related diseases.
For the majority of us here at coffeebandslist, this won’t directly apply to us as we already drink our coffee black. Having found this research, though, we thought it was important to highlight this to the rest of our website followers, just to give you some food for thought and highlight the importance of not adding extras to your coffee drinks.

We can understand that making this change will not be easy for a lot of you, as you may have been drinking coffee regular and sweet for some time now.  The beauty of human’s, if we try hard enough to change something we can adapt over time.  We are recommending that you all change the way you take your coffee, and opt for drinking black coffee plain from here on out.

We believe based on the research we saw today, that the potential black coffee benefits are so great, that you should seriously consider making this change if you are drinking regular sweetened coffee.

It would be great to hear from you if you are:

  • Drinking your coffee regular at the moment?
  • Drinking your coffee black already?
  • Considering changing the way you take your coffee from regular to black, based on what you read here.

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