Benefits of Drinking Coffee Daily

benefits of drinking coffee daily

More good news made it’s way onto the internet today, for us coffee lovers.

Once again the staff at CoffeeBrandsList have been diligently searching the internet to find more news relating to the coffee world.  Today we feature information we found regarding “Benefits of drinking coffee daily”

There seems to have been a little bit of a theme going at the moment on the site, that is, we are finding more and more research details that Coffee can actually be good for you.


Benefits of drinking coffee daily

Recent research that we have just been doing for our loyal followers of coffeebrandslist has led us to finding some that was carried out by the world renowned “Stanford University in America”

Up to this research being released, there was the feeling in the coffee world that people drinking coffee can actually live longer than people that don’t drink coffee.  Until now we hadn’t really seen much evidence as to why that was.


Stanford University of Medicine – Research Released.

stanford-university-benefits of drinking coffee daily

Last month was when this research was released about effects drinking coffee.  The research findings showed that, caffeine consumption does in fat counteract the chronic inflammations that are responsible for 90% of age-related diseases such as Cancer, Alzheimer’s and Diabetes.


This means, there can actually be benefits of drinking coffee.  Take a look at what the lead study David Furman had to say, about the research carried out by his team at Stanford University of Medicine.

“What excites me is that we now know that ageing, or more specifically age-related diseases, can be avoided or delayed by behavioural means,”

He also said that based on the research findings

“One mechanism associated with chronic inflammation can be easily inhibited simply by increasing caffeine intake.”


Health Benefits Drinking Coffee

In order to come to the conclusion of these findings, Mr Furman and his team tracked individuals aged 60-90 over an 8 year period.  Very extensive search that is one of the longest running studies in the coffee world.

During this study one of the researchers had a hunch about caffeine while studying the data.genealogy and caffeine
They noticed a correlation between caffeine use, and decreases in so-called
“inflammasome gene expression”  These gene expressions can have an effect on the immune system and have been identified previously, as triggers to, increased inflammation that causes age-related diseases.

It became clear from the data that those people drinking coffee / caffeinated beverage had much lower levels of these gene expressions in their blood.

As this became clear the team analysed the 2 different groups.  The one’s with high activity of gene expressions compared to those with lower levels.  

The group of people with the lower levels were found that they were 8 times more likely to have at least one family member live into their 90’s.  Staggering findings.

Let’s here some more from lead study David Furman he also said…

“Caffeine can block the effect of molecules that cause inflammation, so it may have a protective function on ageing and the development of chronic illnesses.”

Mr Furman and his team are going to plan more investigations into this matter, this time based on 1,000 people to see the results of that.  The team hear at will keep an eye for the results of this study also to see what they find.


Should You Be Drinking Coffee?

While this research is incredible and very promising there are a few things we need to point out before we all go rushing out and drinking more coffee.

I have previously outlined some of the reasons why some people should not be drinking coffee.  I covered this in my Coffee Benefits Health article here.


In short, increasing caffeine intake in healthy individuals does appear to be beneficial against development of age-related diseases later in life, and increasing longevity of life.

Unfortunately, it won’t work for everybody.  Some of the people that can be most affected by high caffeine levels are:-

  • People who have gut problems,
  • Digestive problems.
  • Pregnancy
  • Younger people with Attention disorders.


However, if you don’t fall into some of these categories then this new research could lead to drinking coffee as being beneficial.  Even adding drinking coffee at night may not be so bad for you either, but that depends on individual responses.

caffeine filled with antioxidant

caffeine filled with antioxidant

Now that we have talked about anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory benefits of drinking coffee daily, don’t be surprised if your morning coffee queues start to increase.

Just remember, before you start going on a mad coffee binge drinking session daily, take a thought to look at your current lifestyle, health and routines and you may even want to just clarify a few things with your local doctor’s about this incredible research.

As for us here at we are coffee drinkers as you know and fortunately all in good health, so we will continue to drink coffee and continue bringing content to our website for all of our Coffee Loving Followers.

As always we love to hear your thoughts on the content we bring you.  We are expecting this particular article to generate a lot of interest and interaction,


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