Hello, everyone, my name is Damian and I have been a coffee lover most of my life.About Damian

Although I may not hold any official certificates of any sort relating to the coffee world, I would like to think I gained a great deal of knowledge over the years.  As we already know there are many different types and varieties of coffee these days and I have certainly tried my fair share of them, which has allowed me to be in a good position to create this website to share with everybody.

Why I created Coffee Brands List.com

As I mentioned briefly, I have been a lover of coffee for many years and that is the main reason behind me wanting to create a site dedicated to something I love.

Fortunately, I have the knowledge and experience to be able to talk about my passion in the form of a website, which means, I get to share my passion and knowledge to a global audience.  It is my hope that many people all over the world will share in my passion, as well as, learn more about the coffee world from the information I provide here at Coffee Brands List.

I love discovering and trying out coffee products, which will provide me with plenty to talk about on this site.  If you do find anything of interest on my website I would encourage you to share the information with everyone.

By sharing it will mean, I will have a website of great information that people can refer to, but also, we will be able to create and expand a community of like minded people through the site.

Oh! one more thing before you leave this page…

If you need any further information regarding what you see on the site, I would be more than happy to connect.

Simply email me, or leave a comment.  Also, make sure you visit my site regularly, as I am always updating it with more “information” that I come across, that I know you will find interesting.

Anyways, I wish you all the best and thank you for dropping by!



Founder of Coffee Brand List
Email: damian@coffeebrandslist.com